Tuesday, November 22, 2005


So many funny things and so little time. I'll follow the Browne's cue and give you the low down on some of Brynna's progress over the last few weeks. As we speak, we're still looking for that elusive full nights sleep. Um, er, I guess that I should say that "Marcy is looking for her first full nights sleep" since I got one last night (more on that to come). If you ask me (which I know you didn't but by visiting this blog you've given me carte blanche to do and say anything I damn well please. Unless of course Marcy gets mad at me and then I'll take it back. Whoops, off track, back to task at hand.) Brynna's still only sleeping in 2-3 hours stints but at least her schedule roughly coincides with ours.

One thing that she has started doing is sucking her thumb. We're not talking about a nice quiet, innocent child sucking her thumb while holding her blankie here. What she does is more akin to a fourteen year old fat kid attacking the all-you-can-eat buffet at the local Ye Olde BBQ House. There is so much slurping going on that I sort of feel that I should give her a bit of privacy if ya know what I mean. She is so loud that the other night she was in the bedroom and I was two rooms away and I could still hear the slurping. No joke.

She has also started to try to roll over on occasion. She occasionally gets up onto her side but her arm always gets in the way. We'll see how long it takes her to master that.

All for now.


Marcy said...

Rick forgot to mention that Brynna is purely a left-handed thumb sucker at this point. Mommy is so proud!

Tina Browne said...

Cute pic, Calia has the same sleeper. Hopefully she'll sleep longer soon!

Hawaii Dano said...

This story reminds me of sitting a few rooms(cubicles) away from you at JMA, "Sounds that you do not want to investigate at lunch time. . .)

Dena said...

soooo cute! Leftie??

rick said...

unfortunately so. guess she'll be a scientist instead of an architect.