Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Molly's B-day

Over the weekend, the Nelson Traveling Carneval made the journey to that little slice of heaven on Earth known as Hallowell for a birthday party. Brynna had been obsessing about it all week because of several things: 1. all the kids that would be there; 2. they have a pool and most importantly; 3. they were going to have a bouncy house. By the end of the day everyone had had a good time, I only witnessed one split lip (and heard about several others prior to our arrival) and the kids got sugared up. Good stuff.
Bouncy house with Allie

In the pool.

Also in the pool (in case you couldn't figure it out). The reason I'm showing this pic is not because the sun/shadows somehow made it look like I still have some muscle definition but because for once, it was me in the pool with B and not Marcy.

The girls enjoying some downtime inside.

I got banished to "kid hill" while we all ate.

B waiting suprisingly patiently while Auntie Jen lit the candles.

The kinda family photo.

B tanning the belly.

Anthony "I'm only slightly Italian" Ronzio. Somehow, despite his gene pool, Tony managed to not be wearing a white wife beater t with cigs rolled up in the sleeve.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sneak Peak

Please try to ignore my crappy model building skills (I haven't built one in 10 years!) but here is a glimpse of our new house design. It's essentially the same as the design I posted months ago but with one itty-bitty difference. Do you see it? :)

The stupid architect in me can't help but add curves to everything I do.
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Nuff said

Our Sept. 8 closing is quickly approaching and we're scrambling to get everything lined up. We've found an awesome place to live in the harbor this winter, it's essentially a caretaking gig where we get a swank house within walking distance to B's pre-school and riding distance to both of our offices and all we have to pay for is 1/2 of the heat. Pretty sweet. We just have to find a place to stay until Nov. 1!

Update: just scored us a FREE, large studio apartment to get us through to Nov. 1. Sometimes it's good to be cheap.

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Monday, August 25, 2008


Many things about Brynna have changed over the last three years. Her likes and dislikes have changed, morphed and flip-flopped on a near daily basis but the one thing that hasn't changed is her love for sushi. California rolls are still the ole stand by but when the mood strikes her, she loves nothing more than a salmon nigiri roll. On this day, I paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave up not one but two of my cherished rolls. This puts me in a clear lead for father of the year award.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Bike!

With our pending move (and our subsequent homelessness since we don't have an apartment yet) we decided to give B her birthday present early. Over the top excitement doesn't even begin to describe B's reaction, unbridled indifference would probably be more accurate. We know that eventually she'll dig the bike a bunch given how much she liked to sit on it and ride it while at the bike shop but given the fact that she can't brush it's hair or put a dress on it, I understand her current apathy. Thankfully, the bike does have a basket so it can at least be used for a baby receptacle.

"You got me a bike? Gee, um, thanks."

"It's no princess but at least it's got tassels!"

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An interesting question.

B: "Mommy, what's that stinky?"
M: "It's just the carpet."
B: "No, it's my finger. I stuck it in my bottom!"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pemaquid Beach / Shaw's Wharf

Marcy wanted me to add captions to these photos but I see that she already has. The ambitous part of me wants to add/revise/make them more funnier but the lazy side of me says "Ahh fack it, nobody reads this crap anyway!"
Lazy guy wins.

Our private beach (for the first hour).

Catching some rays


"More seaweed please, Papa"

"aargh Seaweed!"

Making seaweed sandcastles with Mimi

After polishing off an entire lobster (Marcy had to eat the grilled cheese) B decided she WAS a lobster.

"Your turn Mimi!"

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


While I was doing this:

Brynna was doing this:

Just kidding, actually she, Mimi and Papa were at the race to spectate and after two licks of a cupcake's frosting (Mimi brought them for Marcy's B-day) Brynna was doing a race of her own; around the grandparents again and again.

and some hill running...

Before you know it, somebody is going to slap an "energy bar" label on some frosting and make a fortune!

and then, finally, a bit of this:

notice Wheels' son "doing a 100 pushups" to impress B.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

java junkie

For Marcy's b-day on Sunday, we got her an espresso machine. Marcy is a latte junkie so it seemed like a wise purchase. Now we just have to make about 500 lattes to pay it off. I, myself, have never been the pansy latte drinking type but I must admit, this badboy does make a fine espresso and I've enjoyed many cappuccino's already. Picture this, me on the roof re-pointing our chimney. Work boots on, grinder in hand, hammer and chisel nearby and my double soy cap sitting on the top of the chimney. I redefine manly.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

50th anniversary

Last weekend Marcy, B and I went to Marcy's aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party. Shockingly, after 50 yrs they still seem to love each other while Marcy and I get on each others nerves in five minutes. Anyway, here are a few choice pics from the evening.

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