Friday, March 31, 2006

new do

Check out the new do! After too many years with the same 0le hair style, I had it all chopped off the other day. The nice lady took off between 3 & 3 1/2" and left me with this. The floor around my chair looked like someone had just sheared a sheep. Of course, now I'm in that "what the hell do I do with it" stage and am experimenting daily. The funny thing is that it wants to stand up all spikey like on its own but when it dries it sort of feathers out so that I look like an aging politician. Looks like I'll still have to use product in my hair. I'm soooo metro! To keep things simple, today I chose a hat. Posted by Picasa


Before we headed out the door to start our day I decided to document Brynna's fascination with her emerging tooth.

What is that?!

Gimme that camera!

Taking a breather.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Just a brief update:

When brushing Brynna's gums this morning I was VERY surprised to feel a small sharp protrusion! Although not all the way through yet, I think it is time to limit the amount of chewing b-girl does on our fingers! She can bite the cat and dog from now on! :)
Nekkid baby pictures. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spoiled are we???

no, we don't spoil our pets. Chance only has his own couch with a nice, warm, double sided LL Bean blanket and plush pillow to curl up on after a tough day of licking his butt.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Da Da

Here is video proof that Brynna is saying da da now. In this particular clip, its apparent that she's only saying it because I'm asking her to and it seems a bit scripted. This isn't the cute, early morning da da that she was giving me in Vermont but this'll have to do for now.

video link. *EDIT* I've been told that the video takes a while to download initially so hang in there. Brynna is funny in a cute sort of way.

Also of not from this weekend is that we now know that Brynna likes beer! Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree afterall.

Friday, March 24, 2006


So...we have now discovered what the small rash Brynna had on her face a week ago was...the beginnings of Roseola. Poor bugger. We had taken B-girl in to have the rash checked out before heading off to Vermont. It looked like she had had an allergic reaction to something. So we bought some Cetaphil (non-soap wash) and Aquaphor to try to relieve the symptoms. While in Vermont Brynna was a VERY happy girl and the rash went away. On our way home Sunday though she spiked a fever (103.5) that lasted until Wednesday night when her temperature suddenly dropped to 93.4 (we took her temp 3 times with 2 thermometers because we didn't believe it)! As soon as the fever broke the poor kid was covered head to toe in a nasty itchy rash. The recurrence of the rash coincided nicely with Chance's return from rancho de nelson - making us suspect the possibility of allergies.

With the sudden drop in temp. and the rash we took her to the docs AGAIN (had been in Tues. night due to the fever). As soon as Dr. Moorehead walked into the room she was like "a textbook case!" From that point on B-girl became show and tell at the doctor's office. I guess the rash is only supposed to last a couple of days. I hope so as she is too uncomfortable to sleep. One can only take so many oatmeal baths. Above are some pics taken this morning. The rash looks a hundred times better than yesterday. It makes me itch just looking at the munchkin.

Marcy rippin up the slopes. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Grace and Chance don't really get along so what does Grace do when Chance is out of the house? Rub her scent all over his bed and bone, thats what. Evil kitty. Posted by Picasa

I win!

Thursday, upon arriving at Sugarbush, we settled into the room for a bit before heading out for dinner.  I unpacked the car while Marcy and Brynna played on the bed.  Once done unloading the car, I came up to join them for a bit.  When I sat on the bed, Brynna rolled over, looked at me and in her cutest (please buy me a bmw) voice said “da…da”.  Marcy and I were elated that B-Girl would make a noise that wasn’t a growl, scream or squeal.  We of course made a huge fuss about the whole thing so for the rest of the weekend all we heard was “da da da da da da DA DA Da Da da da ………”  I know that the baby experts say that at this age, the child really doesn’t know what they are saying but not once over the weekend did Brynna look directly at Marcy (or anybody else for that matter) and say “da da” but she did it to me every morning before launching into her daily mantra.  Lets hear it for me!  Daddy rules, mommy drools.

So this would put the score at:  daddy-1  mommy-1042

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

on our way out for a hike in the Kelty backpack Posted by Picasa

B-Girl modeling the latest in LL (spoiled) Kids winter wear. Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

Busy weekend

The DAMNelsons had a very busy weekend. We were in Vermont skiing at Sugarbush from Thursday through Sunday. I have many pictures to post so they'll be coming in groups. This first set is of Brynna's first experience in a pool. She seemed to like it (if a bit confused because it was a bit cool). We also let her splash in, but not get into, the hot tub.

Going in...

Eh, thats not so bad if you warm it up with a little pee.

Chillin in the hot tub.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Got this link from Tim about the next bachelor tv show. It was a pretty funny article but it was pretty slanderous without providing any proof. That would be like me saying that scientists and specifically marine biologists are dorks. Oh wait, I have said that before in this very blog. Personally, I don’t know any gay architects. Gay artists and designers? Yes. Architects? No. Then again, I am wearing a pink shirt and very metrosexual shoes today so maybe they’re onto something.

Here is what Mr. Russillo (a non-gay architect of little note) has to say about it:

“wow. what a flattering view of architects. it's just proof that the public is just a bunch of idiots who have no idea what we do. proven by the fact that three of the 9 women they asked said construction workers are the sexiest profession… i don't (think) people can make a separation between designers and architects. we're all just gay (or metrosexual), overworked, pompous assholes. some of us are, true. but most aren't.”

Whoa, settle down there Mr. fancy pants, seems to me that you may be hiding behind your football lovin, macho man fa├žade. I mean, come on, what self respecting man could proclaim their undying love to the Redskins???

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


We got word that the McPeaks have welcomed a new member into the family. Ava something McPeak was born over the weekend. Congrats to the whole family and hope Liz and Ava are doing well and that Aidan is enjoying his new playmate.


Marcy and I are getting ready for a long weekend in Vermont for (hopefully if the friggin rain lets up) skiing and hiking. We’re staying for four days at Sugarbush. Our first choice was Jay Peak but their daycare can’t take 6 month olds. Oh well, any skiing will be nice since we have done zilch this year. Its been hard to get into the mood to ski when we’ve literally only had a few weeks of snow cover ALL WINTER! They’ve still got a good bit of cover over there and I typically love spring skiing so I really don’t care if they get any more snow between now and then, I just hope that it doesn’t rain while we’re there. That’ll suck monkey nuts.

Actual quote from the Sugarbush website:

CONDITIONS: The current conditions are... well, they're a bit wet. We did get some translucent snow yesterday, but are expecting some of the white kind later tonight and tomorrow. The groomers were kept off of the hill last night because of yesterday's r#@%.

Friday, March 10, 2006


5: 36

Brynna takes her eating seriously. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Brynna went in for her 6-month check up today.

Here are her stats:

Head circ: 17 ¾” (97th percentile)
Body length: 28 ¼” (97th percentile)
Body weight: 17.8 lbs (80th percentile)

So, to make things clear, she’s essentially shaped like a lollypop.  Just like daddy.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Brynna tried avocado for the first time on Sunday. Do you think that she liked it???

Here you see Chance lurking in the background waiting for his opportunity to come through and clean things up.


Kevin, Tina and Calia came up for a visit Sunday since it had been quite some time since Calia and Brynna had seen each other. As you can see, things started out well but quickly deteriorated into a WWF Smackdown.

The innocent beginning.

Calia starts things off by sucking Brynna's shoulder.

Brynna retaliates by biting Calia's foot.

Not to be outdone, Calia tries a flying suplex.

When all was said and done, they remain friends...

This seems too touchy feeley for me so I'll finish with this. Booger, poop, butthole.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

6 Months!

Happy 1/2 birthday sweetie. To celebrate, lets go to a restaurant where you can longingly look at the food that we won't allow you to have. Sounds like fun, huh? Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 03, 2006


We'd been wondering why this tulip was looking so peakid. Well this morning I got photographic proof. Grace just loves to use our house plants as her personal salad bar. We have a hard enough time keeping plants alive without her interference. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dudley Moore

Grampa Lucas, Cheryl and Trinity came down Wednesday to visit with Brynna and Marcy. The little girls got along well for the most part but as you can see here, they were doing what girls do best, fight over the phone.

As an aside, Marcy and I have thought that Trinity has looked an awful lot like Dudley Moore because of her jet black straight (and I do mean straight hair). I wish that we had an older picture of her because the resemblance was better before but I think you still get the idea here. Cute kid though regardless. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Newsflash! Infant terrorizes daycare!

This just in…we have received word that an infant at the Harbor Children’s Center in Boothbay Harbor has gone on a rampage, and in the process, is destroying everything in her path! There have been reports of widespread panic, crying and diaper wetting. Oh the humanity!


Die, birdie die!

Seriously, Brynna has become a terror at daycare. She is in the stage that once something is in her pudgy little mitts, it becomes a lethal weapon. She flails about like a coked up monkey mowing down anyone and anything in her path. I swear to god, she has nearly knocked my front teeth out a couple of times and her friends at daycare have to be kept at a safe distance. This kid should come with her own warning label. Unfortunately, she’s more devious than one would expect for a 6 month old and will lure you in with a bat of her lashes and a quick smile and then clock you over the head with a toy phone. Ingenious.