Friday, March 24, 2006


So...we have now discovered what the small rash Brynna had on her face a week ago was...the beginnings of Roseola. Poor bugger. We had taken B-girl in to have the rash checked out before heading off to Vermont. It looked like she had had an allergic reaction to something. So we bought some Cetaphil (non-soap wash) and Aquaphor to try to relieve the symptoms. While in Vermont Brynna was a VERY happy girl and the rash went away. On our way home Sunday though she spiked a fever (103.5) that lasted until Wednesday night when her temperature suddenly dropped to 93.4 (we took her temp 3 times with 2 thermometers because we didn't believe it)! As soon as the fever broke the poor kid was covered head to toe in a nasty itchy rash. The recurrence of the rash coincided nicely with Chance's return from rancho de nelson - making us suspect the possibility of allergies.

With the sudden drop in temp. and the rash we took her to the docs AGAIN (had been in Tues. night due to the fever). As soon as Dr. Moorehead walked into the room she was like "a textbook case!" From that point on B-girl became show and tell at the doctor's office. I guess the rash is only supposed to last a couple of days. I hope so as she is too uncomfortable to sleep. One can only take so many oatmeal baths. Above are some pics taken this morning. The rash looks a hundred times better than yesterday. It makes me itch just looking at the munchkin.

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Dena said...

Awww..poor little lady bug. I am so sorry that happened! She is still cute as a button anyway! Feel better Brynna!