Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Newsflash! Infant terrorizes daycare!

This just in…we have received word that an infant at the Harbor Children’s Center in Boothbay Harbor has gone on a rampage, and in the process, is destroying everything in her path! There have been reports of widespread panic, crying and diaper wetting. Oh the humanity!


Die, birdie die!

Seriously, Brynna has become a terror at daycare. She is in the stage that once something is in her pudgy little mitts, it becomes a lethal weapon. She flails about like a coked up monkey mowing down anyone and anything in her path. I swear to god, she has nearly knocked my front teeth out a couple of times and her friends at daycare have to be kept at a safe distance. This kid should come with her own warning label. Unfortunately, she’s more devious than one would expect for a 6 month old and will lure you in with a bat of her lashes and a quick smile and then clock you over the head with a toy phone. Ingenious.

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