Sunday, December 30, 2007

more at the Nelson's

Christmas afternoon we had our traditional snow softball game 10" of snow on the ground be damned!

then it was inside to my Mom's 85 degree house. It was so hot that B had to strip down to her diaper to cope.

Back home with B in one of her new princess costumes.

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Christmas Take 3

More Christmas morning, this time with Mimi Jo and Papa Don.

snuggles with Mimi

Yet ANOTHER baby for the morgue. yay

and then, later up at the Nelson's

approximately hour 3 of B stuffing her face. She had Aunt Cara well trained.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Take 2

Day two of Christmas consisted of us hanging low and getting the house prepped for the arrival of a fat guy in a red suit and when my dad left (bad da boom!) we got ready for Santa's arrival.

After B got dressed up like an Asian prostitute we made Santa some home opened cookies

while Grace looked on less than enthused...

Thankfully, the cookies and milk paid off and the fat elf saw fit to leave us all a nice assortment of presents. B with an assortment of art supplies, Marcy with lots of chocolate and mint and me with beer.

Christmas Take 1

Christmas this year for the DAMNelsons consisted of three seperate days. Day 1 was Sunday with Marcy's father, Day 2 was quite family time at our house on Christmas Eve and Day 3 was our place with Marcy's mother and then to my parents. Not too taxing.

Here are some pics from Day 1.

family photo op, one of the VERY few pics of us recently where we all smile and almost look at the camera.

B was nervous around her Uncle Lance since she's only seen him a couple of times since he lives in Florida but her new laptop was enough to fend off the shyness.

One of B's favorite gifts from day one was a Disney dress-up trunk with four princess dresses.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Torturing the dog...

or a fine duet. you decide. B started this BTW

Triming The Tree...

After a couple of thwarted attempts at getting a christmas tree, we were finally successful on Saturday and quickly got to work putting up dozens of choking, cutting, electrocution, crushing and fire hazards right in our living room. These holiday traditions are wonderful and in truth Marcy was technically only electrocuted by a faulty bulb once and we only dropped and shattered two glass ornaments in the process PLUS now the cat and dog no longer have to go outside to pee!

I think this particular ornament survived. Check back in a couple of weeks.

While this little santa may appear to have survived the ordeal intact, the emotional scars from being molested by a giant toddler are hard to quantify.

I don't think this was the same day but since B was sick for five days last week she lived in her pajamas for entire time. For what its worth, B outgrew (or, should I say, her ass outgrew) these jammies last year but somehow, through the magic of toddlerhood it has shrunk enough for her to wear them again. Huzzahh!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Marcy's mad at me. Something about vomit in the car and she has to drive a co-worker home... Women.

Friday, December 14, 2007

story time in the morgue

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Bake me some pie woman!

B has been sick for the last few days with both a raging ear infection and what appears to be the flu (of so the doc guesses) and as a result she's had lots of pamper time. On Wednesday, while Marcy was home with her, Marcy gave B a service bell so she could watch Mickey in our bed and still be able to get mommy's attention. Two years old and she already knows how to use the bell. Yesterday I made the mistake of letting her see it again and she proceeded to ring it every time I set foot out of the room. She did get my attention of homicidal rage counts.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

More snowshoeing

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more photo blogging today.
On Saturday Marcy, B and I decided to take advantage of the freshly fallen foot of snow in our area and headed out for a short snowshoeing trip with the pooch. It turned out to be a winter wonderland of sorts. The previous night's wet snow had coated everything in a heavy blanket causing every tree in within a three mile to lean into the trail. This was not ideal with a 30 lb squirming toddler on my back. We fought our way through the initial sappling area by every conceivable method including; double teaming, crawling on hands and knees, crying, Brynna crying etc. Once through the initial mess we were rewarded to a beautiful and idyllic early winter day.

Death by a 1000 whippets

B snuggled in against the cold.

Marcy and Mr. Fatty Pants once things opened up.

The somewhat distorted family photo. I'm guessing B was having fun.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I have lots of catching up to do here on DamNelsons so here is a quick photo blog of the first snow day of the season from last week (I think).

B eating snow off her mittens. At least when she was doing this she wasn't licking boogies off her upper lip!

The buffet continues...

Wrastlin in the snow with daddy.

And of course, the pre-requisite bike in snow shot to see if it was rideable. It was, even at 10 inches (in the pic, the snow had already been trampled by the pooch)

here are the pics again. maybe they'll post this time

photos courtesy of Sarah Shea

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