Monday, December 10, 2007


more photo blogging today.
On Saturday Marcy, B and I decided to take advantage of the freshly fallen foot of snow in our area and headed out for a short snowshoeing trip with the pooch. It turned out to be a winter wonderland of sorts. The previous night's wet snow had coated everything in a heavy blanket causing every tree in within a three mile to lean into the trail. This was not ideal with a 30 lb squirming toddler on my back. We fought our way through the initial sappling area by every conceivable method including; double teaming, crawling on hands and knees, crying, Brynna crying etc. Once through the initial mess we were rewarded to a beautiful and idyllic early winter day.

Death by a 1000 whippets

B snuggled in against the cold.

Marcy and Mr. Fatty Pants once things opened up.

The somewhat distorted family photo. I'm guessing B was having fun.

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