Monday, September 24, 2007

Children's museum

A couple of weeks ago we took B to the Children's Museum on a dreary Saturday. It was a fun trip despite the deceitful advertising (since we didn't see a single "child" pinned up on display anywhere). There was lots to do and things to touch so all in all it was a good day and it gets me thinking, if a "Children's Museum" is simply a bunch of stuff that a kid would like to play and interact with, what would a "Man's Museum" have in it? Food for thought.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

her first race

This past weekend was my final race in the Maine Mountain Bike series. I sucked a big hairy one but on a good note, B took part in her first ever mountain bike (tricycle) race. When she saw the kids race getting ready to go and I asked her if she wanted to race she gave an emphatic "yeth" (that's yes in B speak) so we quickly made our way to the start line and got her situated with a race number. When the starter yelled "go" the rest of the kids (who were all at least 1 1/2-2 yrs older) took off and despite the fact that I was pushing her B got very upset that the other kids got away and I was forced to carry her for most of the first lap. She came out of it though and ended up completing 3 or so laps (even though it was a one lap race) and got her first ever medal and race schwag (a bell). Its enough to make a daddy proud.

Eyeing the competition.

Gatorade break mid lap.

The awards ceremony.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

even more acadia pics

Elmo must have been hungry cause B jambed that pine cone down his pie hole.

Trolling for compliments in Bar Harbor. We always bust out the bear when we're desperate for compliments. It's a crowd pleaser.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

How to tip your camp chair

step 1: take a deep breath

step 2: throw yourself back

step 3: lift feet

step 4: brace for impact
step 5: touch down on conveniently placed crocs
step 6: repeat until mom and dad stop laughing.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Sensing the end of the summer drawing near, the DamnFam turned this past weekend into a long weekend and headed up to Acadia for some hiking, biking and of course Brynna's first night (two actually) in a tent. We figured it could be fun or the worst weekend ever if B didn't approve. Thankfully she did and we had a great time.

By far, Brynna's favorite part of camping was actually hanging around the campsite, playing on the rocks, exploring the tent and traumatizing all of the woodland creatures who were foolish enough to come near.

Story time in the tent.



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B turned two a little over a week ago. She's still not sure what the whole fuss is about but she does enjoy singing "happy birthday to binna" to herself over and over. For the record, B continues to say she's only one, I guess lying about your age is a trait all women are born with.

Below are a few feeble pics from various sources. If one of the pics is yours, then of course it's the best of the bunch. Otherwise, they are all pretty stinky.

Michael "the heff" with two of his ladies.

Sandbox toys. A definite hit.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Earnin her keep.

It may have cost me $5 to get B to do this but it was well worth it.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor day

Looking to capitalize on the remaining nice days this summer, the DAMNclan headed out for a 3 hour kayak trip on labor day. We launched from Hodgdon Island in Boothbay and made our way to Specticle Island where we were planning to have our picnic lunch. Specticle ended up being too far away to make it to with the ticking, goldfish weilding timebomb sitting in the middle jumpseat so we opted instead to put ashore on Ram Island. Here, from a nice sandy beach we ate our lunch while Brynna worked tirelessly to ride the planet of all Periwinkles shouting "Death to all sea snails who dare to oppose me!" By the time we dragged her off the beach we had enough to make a fine stew.

The trip over.

Ram Island

In search of periwinkles

"holy shit, I found one!"

Back on the water we attempted to find an alternate route back to the launch but unfortunately for us, all land looks about the same from the water so we got hopelessly confused and were forced to go back the way we came hanging our heads in shame. Thankfully, after this year's race season, I'm used to that by now.

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