Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Triming The Tree...

After a couple of thwarted attempts at getting a christmas tree, we were finally successful on Saturday and quickly got to work putting up dozens of choking, cutting, electrocution, crushing and fire hazards right in our living room. These holiday traditions are wonderful and in truth Marcy was technically only electrocuted by a faulty bulb once and we only dropped and shattered two glass ornaments in the process PLUS now the cat and dog no longer have to go outside to pee!

I think this particular ornament survived. Check back in a couple of weeks.

While this little santa may appear to have survived the ordeal intact, the emotional scars from being molested by a giant toddler are hard to quantify.

I don't think this was the same day but since B was sick for five days last week she lived in her pajamas for entire time. For what its worth, B outgrew (or, should I say, her ass outgrew) these jammies last year but somehow, through the magic of toddlerhood it has shrunk enough for her to wear them again. Huzzahh!

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