Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Marcy and I are getting ready for a long weekend in Vermont for (hopefully if the friggin rain lets up) skiing and hiking. We’re staying for four days at Sugarbush. Our first choice was Jay Peak but their daycare can’t take 6 month olds. Oh well, any skiing will be nice since we have done zilch this year. Its been hard to get into the mood to ski when we’ve literally only had a few weeks of snow cover ALL WINTER! They’ve still got a good bit of cover over there and I typically love spring skiing so I really don’t care if they get any more snow between now and then, I just hope that it doesn’t rain while we’re there. That’ll suck monkey nuts.

Actual quote from the Sugarbush website:

CONDITIONS: The current conditions are... well, they're a bit wet. We did get some translucent snow yesterday, but are expecting some of the white kind later tonight and tomorrow. The groomers were kept off of the hill last night because of yesterday's r#@%.

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