Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Molly's B-day

Over the weekend, the Nelson Traveling Carneval made the journey to that little slice of heaven on Earth known as Hallowell for a birthday party. Brynna had been obsessing about it all week because of several things: 1. all the kids that would be there; 2. they have a pool and most importantly; 3. they were going to have a bouncy house. By the end of the day everyone had had a good time, I only witnessed one split lip (and heard about several others prior to our arrival) and the kids got sugared up. Good stuff.
Bouncy house with Allie

In the pool.

Also in the pool (in case you couldn't figure it out). The reason I'm showing this pic is not because the sun/shadows somehow made it look like I still have some muscle definition but because for once, it was me in the pool with B and not Marcy.

The girls enjoying some downtime inside.

I got banished to "kid hill" while we all ate.

B waiting suprisingly patiently while Auntie Jen lit the candles.

The kinda family photo.

B tanning the belly.

Anthony "I'm only slightly Italian" Ronzio. Somehow, despite his gene pool, Tony managed to not be wearing a white wife beater t with cigs rolled up in the sleeve.

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