Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Turkey is Done (thinly veiled nipple reference)

Phew, very busy week last week. The week started off with a bang, or should I say puff when early monday morning we were awoken by the sound of the smoke detector wailing away. We came out of the bedroom to find that the entire house was engulfed in smoke. Floor to ceiling. I had started a fire in the fireplace insert earlier that night so I assumed that was the problem. We opened up all of the windows in the house and got the smoke out pretty quickly. The smell on the other hand, thats a differnt matter. We had a cleaning crew come in on Wednesday to clean the two worst rooms and to shampoo the furniture and carpets. They also left us with two ozone machines. For those of you not in the know, ozone is supposed to be the best method for eliminating odors in a house. If you ask me, the cure is almost as bad as the disease. We started the machines as we were leaving the house on T-Day around 10 am assuming that the machines would run for 12 hours (set on timers) and the house would have close to 20 hrs after that to air out a bit when we returned on Friday afternoon. Upon returning on Friday to have such an overpowering ozone smell that we were forced to sit in the pimp room in the basement for 5 hours while every window upstairs was wide open and all three ceiling fans were running. Did I mention that it was about 25 degrees that night??? The damn furnace never stopped running. Eventually we did get the house aired out but now that the ozone smell is almost gone, we are still left with a faint smoke smell. We're not sure what to do now. We could call in the cleaners again and have more done but to be quite honest dealing with the cleaners and the ozone machines and what not seems worse that the odor that we are left with. I think that we're going to wait a few days and see if the remaining smell dissipates.

Other than that we had a pretty nice T-Day weekend. Thursday was spent between Marcy's mother's place and my parents place. Brynna was her usual attention hog self. Wowing everyone with her devilish cuteness.

Saturday was spent in Mass at Rusty and Cara's new house for a belated t-day meal. Brynna was a bit crabby for this one but its understandable. She hadn't been in normal surroundings for almost a whole week and had spent a lot of time traveling. She was nice enough to show everyone how well she can stand. I don't know if its early for a baby to be able to hold herself up or not but it is freaking marcy out to see it so quickly. Basically Brynna can stand if you hold her arms to assist in balance. She'll be on a bike before we know it.

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