Tuesday, November 08, 2005


What in the world does it take to get sushi around here??? Marcy and I had our first free evening since Brynna's arrival this past weekend and had planned on stuffing our faces with sushi to celebrate. We arrive at the sushi/thai place in Boothbay Harbor only to find that they are not serving nemo tonight. Frig. Our hearts were set on some wasabi action so we decided to try Brunswick instead. We know of two places there right on the commercial strip so it might be a bit more driving but if you're determined, you do whatcha gotta do. 45 mins later we roll into Brunswick only to find that one of the places has closed down and the other is under renovation. Double frig! Ok, we thought, maybe there is a place downtown near the college. I've heard that coeds like fish...as a matter of fact I think that I've seen a couple of movies about just that... Think I'm gonna get in trouble for that one but once its typed, its out of my hands hombre. So we shoot downtown and guess what we find. Absolutely nothing! Triple frig. We ended up deciding on mexican instead. Pretty good food but the service sucked. Guess we need more practice at this going out alone thing. Oh well, better luck next time.

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