Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Chucky lives in my house, I swear!  Brynna has really been creeping me out sometimes.  When she’s sleeping in my arms, she has a habit that is quite alarming.  She can be in the deepest sleep possible, I’ll look away for a couple of seconds and when I look back she’ll be staring at me, unblinking, completely wide awake.  It gives me the creeps every time that it happens.  Its sort of like in the movies when you’re sure that the villain is dead and BAM! he opens his eyes.  I can’t wait for when she’s a bit older and able to walk cause then she’ll be able to stand next to the bed her nose 2” from mine and stare me down until I wake up just long enough to have a coronary.  Babies are evil, cute, but evil.


Hawaii Dano said...

Have you considered she may be looking at a boog or two???

Dena said...

That is so funny. Skylar does the same thing, but then when she notices that you saw her she usually let's out a whail! As if she was just waiting to be noticed! Drama queen!
We are looking forward to meeting the little chick a dee this weekend!