Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pacifier Snatcher

You can start calling Brynna “sticky fingers nelson” because her newest acquired skill is stealing pacifiers from other, less mobile babies. To be clear, B no longer uses a pacifier herself, hasn’t actually for several months, but if she sees another baby with a pacifier in, she’ll crawl up, snatch it from the unsuspecting owner, shove it in her mouth and quickly crawl away to safely. Occasionally she’ll crawl back to the scene of the crime, remove the binkie, wave it in the other baby’s face tauntingly until the baby reaches for it at which time she’ll pull it away and crawl off yet again. You may think that she’s selfish and mean but I tend to think that she is simply trying to teach the other babies the value of sharing. She’s a giver that one.

The ferry ride over to Peaks.

Over the weekend, she was able to teach a younger baby that lesson several times while we were visiting the McPeaks on Saturday on Peaks Island. Its interesting to note that it’s the wife’s family who has a place on Peaks, not the McPeaks side of the family. Then again, I guess its not McPeaks Island anyway. What the f’ ever. Back on topic, there were several infants visiting for the day who Brynna was able to terrorize in a cute- can’t blame me cause I’m a baby- sort of way. (like that clever use of punctuation? I have no idea if its correct but it looks good. Marcy, help me out here!). Brynna’s favorite kid from the trip had to by Aidan (Dan and Lizzy’s son) who is 3-ish something or other years old. Apparently she likes her older men and vice versa because Aidan was basking in the glory.

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