Friday, July 21, 2006

Lake St. George

Marcy here. I thought I would give this blogging thing another try...

Below are some pics of Brynna's and my trip to Lake St. George State Park in Liberty, Maine. We have a mommy and Brynna day every Wednesday (or whichever day of the week works). Since this Wednesday was going to be the "perfect" summer day Brynna and I decided to go swimming at the Lake. Yes, we have a beach just 15 minutes down the road but I was aching for swimming of the freshwater sort. So, after B-girl's morning nap we packed up our suits, towels, float, food, etc. and motored over to Damariscotta Lake State Park. We made the 30-minute drive only to find out that there was a swim advisory due to bacteria (ewww...I won't go into any further detail there). Not wanting to subject Brynna to that we headed north to Lake St. George - another 30 minutes! The trip may have been a tad shorter had we not been detoured because of fallen trees and power lines from Tuesday's freakish storm.

Power was out at the park and local stores. Although I had no lunch (debated trying some baby food) Brynna and I had a great time. My parents used to bring me to this park as a child and it was so neat to give Brynna the same experience. Even the rock piles that we used to swim out to as kids, and try to move around (Rick and his brothers did the same thing), were still there! The water was warm and there were about 50 kids from the Lewiston Y to entertain Brynna in and out of the water.

Pre-swim picnic: Eatin' some cheerios and people watching.

That dirt pile looks mighty tempting!

Hey this isn't a cheerio!

You talkin' to me?!

Post-swim play: Proving that on rare occasions Brynna CAN share.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos of B-girl swimming. She insisted that rubber ducky (one of like 10) come with her and I spent most of my time retrieving it while she giggled in her float.


Dena said...

wish were closer, we could hang out!! Looks like a nice park!

Marcy said...

It is a great place to take the family. Maybe we should meet halfway and do the beach thing?