Monday, July 24, 2006

It was a busy DAMN weekend in these parts. Friday night we dropped the pooch of at Rancho-de-Nelson for some r-n-r and to get him off our backs so that we could do some traveling over the weekend. Saturday morning we were up at the butt crack of dawn preparing for our landing at York’s Wild Kingdom with the Lucas’ extended family. We all had a great time and then the heavens opened up and unleashed its fury on us. Brynna was a trooper though and was pretty happy through the whole experience including a frantic run with mommy back to the car.

Overall the zoo was much better than we expected. I had been told to expect a squirrel in a cage and a 200 yr old elephant with an eye patch so I honestly wasn’t expecting too much. They came through though with lots of interesting animals. One of B-Girl’s favorites was the Gibbon (a type of monkey) that was swinging around hooting and hollering and having a grand old time. Thankfully he didn’t hurl any feces in our direction but he was kind enough to stop swinging just long enough to take a leak and therefore not turn himself into an 80lb hairy lawn sprinkler. Come to think of it, it would have been a lot like going to Sea World and sitting in the front row of the Shamu show.

Unfortunately, we did miss the zebras bumping uglies but thankfully one member of our group mangaged to get a picture so all was not lost.

After the zoo, we jetted (more like sogged) our way to Andover Mass where my bro and sis-in-law live for a much belated birthday visit. Rusty and Cara cooked up a damn fine feast and we were able to watch the TiVo’d final time trial for the Tour so all was good.

Sunday morning included an early wake up call from B-Girl and then a run back up to Rancho-de-Nelson to pick up the mutt and so Grammie and Grampie could get they B-vitamin fix.

Today, I’m just happy to be back at work where I can catch back up on my sleep.

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