Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Darren, being the anal retentive fart that he is mentioned to me this weekend that 8 1/2# to 15# isn't really 200% as I mentioned in a previous post so I guess that the title should have been "Enlarge 176.47% ". Dork.

(edit: I too, knew that it wasn't exactly 200% but felt that was close enough. Obviously, I failed to take into account how many of you, from now on to be referred to as "my readers", are science types and therefore not properly wired to allow such things to go unpunished.)

I would like to formally apologize to anyone whom I have offended, cause, you know, if you're a dork, you probably were offended.

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Marcy said...

Also being a "dork", I had figured the same but decided not to mention anything for fear of retaliation.