Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chucky II, Revenge of Chucky

Brynna is seriously starting to scare me now.  First with the “instant awake and staring” thing (see Chucky post from last month), then a few weeks ago Marcy was watching tv while Brynna was supposedly asleep in her lap.  Because Marcy thought Brynna was asleep, she wasn’t being careful about what she was watching and had channel surfed to “Tremors”.  You remember that movie right?  You know, the one with Kevin “don’t call me Canadian” Bacon and the giant underground boogers with the ravenous fingers/mouths?  Marcy had stopped on the movie for a few minutes (In case you can’t tell, I’m trying to protect Marcy here by making it SOUND like she wasn’t actually watching the movie but simply stopping momentarily while scanning through.  I’m not protecting her because I think that she is a bad mother for watching such a movie with my only daughter in the room but because she is a bad person for actually watching that horrible movie that nobody since ‘99 should be watching.) to check out the action.  At one point one of the tentacles shot up from the ground to grab someone and Brynna actually laughed.  She laughed at a creepy, grotesque worm thing that comes out of the ground to eat people.  I guess that one could argue that since she hasn’t experienced life for long, she doesn’t really understand the concept of monsters and that she should be afraid of them.  Good theory until you take into account what transpired in our house last night.  A little background first, for the last few weeks, Brynna has been letting out little giggles but never consistently and Marcy and I have been trying everything we could to get her to laugh in a controlled environment where nobody could get hurt.  Up until last night we had had little success.  Last night though, Marcy stumbled onto the key to making her laugh.  Scare the shit out of her.  You heard right, the best way to make Brynna laugh is to very quickly run up to her, put your face up to hers and yell “boo”.  Initially B-girl will be startled but immediately following she will start laughing.  Not just a giggle but a laugh.  If you add all of these things up, you start to wonder what is going on in that twisted little head of hers.

On a side note, Marcy and I need to have a chat cause you kinda wonder why in the hell was she trying to scare the baby?

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Marcy said...

In my defense I wasn't trying to scare b-girl. I discovered she smiled more when I was close to her and making weird noises. Besides I always had a big smile on my face while saying boo!

And yes I will admit to watching tremors. It had been a long day of sitting on the couch with a very fussy baby who had finally fallen asleep - or so I thought. I am bad bad mother!