Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Brynna is officially one month old today and things seem to be progressing well now. She has a small amount of head control and can pick her head up now but she still looks amazingly similar to a bobble head doll. If she's on your shoulder and you're not careful, you could have a softball size projectile propelling towards your head. Better watch out. She is also sleeping more during the evening and less during the day thank god. She still gets up every couple of hours to eat but at least she sleeps most of the time between.

The most exciting change that we've seen though is that she will occasionally smile if prompted. For the past month the only time that she would smile was while passing gas (much like her daddy) but on Sunday Marcy and I were able to get her to smile several times. I can't tell you how cool it is to have your baby start to interact with you. Good times.

On Saturday we went to the Camden Harbor Arts Juried Craft Fair (translation: lots of expensive stuff made by people with too much time on their hands) with Joe, Sally, Michael and Enzo. It was a beautiful day with lots of cool stuff to look at. Marcy and I only brought $40 with us and about all that would buy was a cup of coffee and a bookmark or two. No kidding, probably 90% of the stuff at the "craft fair" was over 40 clams. The craft fairs that I'm used to put a heavy emphasis on popsicle sticks and elmers glue. It was fun though and Brynna was content in her stroller for most of the time.

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Joe said...

what an awesome photo!! who took it?! must be a professional.