Tuesday, October 18, 2005

mungo baby

Marcy took Brynna to the doctor's office to have a few things checked out that we were worried about (not your typical new parents over reacting stuff either, chucko, some of it was stuff that we were told to watch for). Anyway, little baby wonder got a clean bill of health from the doc so all is good. Marcy and I had also been wondering how much she weighs since it has been a month since her last visit and the fact that she eats as if there is no tomorrow. She makes such funny noises when she eats. Sometimes, she'll growl at the mams (that's mammary glands for you lay folk, ya know, boobies) when she's nursing in what we can only assume is an attempt to scare the milk out of mommy. Cute but scary. She'll also eat with such gusto and ferocity that occasionally she'll be forced off of the boob in order to take a very startled breath before diving back in. But I digress. Mini-me weighed in at 12 lbs. That's in the 97th percentile for 6 week old babies. We've been assured on several occasions that you cannot over feed a breast fed baby and that Brynna's weight is perfectly normal though so we're not worried. From the pictures you can tell that she has a chubby little face but the rest of her body is actually quite skinny, ripped even. Marcy and I have her doing her pilates every day now and I think that she's getting a set of baby abs going on...

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