Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Columbus Day weekend

This was a very busy weekend for little miss Brynna. We started out on Friday evening checking out new cars in Augusta (my two door "chick magnet" just isn't gonna cut it much longer with a baby seat in the back) so we're looking into getting a four door (now at least I'll be able to pile the babes in like cord wood!) Hmmm, might get into trouble for that one. Oh well. After car shopping we dragged her clothes shopping and to dinner. We chose the loudest restaurant that we could find (Longhorns) so that when she inevitably started to wail, nobody would notice. All went well and we made it through most of the meal before needing to evacuate the establishment. On Saturday, Brynna charmed two sets of grandparents in her own special way (sleeping and grunting). Sunday was the real test though. Sunday morning was Calia's baptism and kegger in Falmouth. We opted to only go to the kegger so as to avoid the "screaming baby in church" ordeal. We all had a good time and Brynna and Calia were a hit with all in attendance as usual. Tina had the opportunity to tie on a good buzz and spent a good part of the party looking for and misplacing her wine cup. It was quite funny seeing her let loose after abstaining for so long. I had a couple of beers myself and was starting to feel pretty good myself, especially considering what a light weight I am nowadays. To top it off, Sunday afternoon Marcy had family from New York stopping in to see our little princess for the first time as well. Busy, busy and as a result Brynna slept all day yesterday. And I do mean ALL DAY. She only woke up long enough to eat and poop. Sounds like a good day in my books.

Calia and Brynna posing for pics.
Notice Brynna sporting the infamous "Nelson" head. She weighs somewhere between 10 & 11 lbs and I'd guess that 12 pounds of it is in that noggin. She holds it up pretty well though considering.

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