Monday, October 24, 2005

Mungo baby part deux

Well, its official, Brynna is huge! Over the weekend we were forced to retire all of her 0-3 month rompers (footed jammies) because Brynna is too long for all of them. She still fits into her onesies and shirts and pants, just nothing with attached feet. Keep in mind here that she is only 7 weeks old. On a humorous note, on Saturday we were suiting up to go for a hike in Edgecomb. Marcy decided to try a 3-6 month fleece pull over coat that we have for Brynna. Now I think I know how marcy felt trying to push our little bundle of joy out of her. The pull over was so tight going over Brynna's head that I had to perform an emergency episiotomy thus allowing the bulbous melon (god, I hope that Brynna never has access to these entries when she's older) to pass freely. Overall I believe that it was probably very similar to what marcy went through minus all of the blood and screaming.

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