Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reid State Park

Now that summer is about over, B and I decided to venture down to Reid State Park this afternoon - the first time this year! It was a beautiful fall day - the surf was up and the crowds were down. There were fewer than 10 people on the entire beach! Other than a short visit to Hendrick's Head on Southport Island, this was Brynna's first beach experience. She was excited by the surf and babbled at the seagulls waiting for stray cheerios. More importantly though, Brynna discovered the joys of digging in the sand. She also felt it necessary to taste a handful...I am told it goes well with cheerios and graham crackers .

Reacting to the spray.

Brynna, who flirts with just about everybody she meets these days, was able to convince a young couple to stop smooching (etc.) on their blanket and take this shot for us.

Surf's up!
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rick said...

much better than my recent posts. You're my go to guy, uh girl, from now on!