Monday, September 18, 2006

Game 4

Saturday evening was game 4 of the Eastern Conference Championships for AA Portland Seadogs. They led the series 2-1 going in so this could have been the deciding game. The dogs trailed through most of the game but in the 8th (I think) they took the lead with back to back homies and everybody in the crowd thought we had it in the bag. Unfortunately, when Akron (how would you like to play for a team, or live in a place for that matter, called Akron?) came up in the 9th, they quickly shelled the closer, regained the lead and shut down the home town Dogs in the bottom of the ninth. Game over. The final game was held on Sunday but I've yet to see what the final was.

Despite the fact that they lost, it was a fun game and you really can't find a bad seat in the stadium. Cool stuff.

Kevin doing what he does best.

Tim and Lilly. That girl was full (and I mean full) of energy.

Slugger the SeaDog. The dirty bastard touched me when walking past. Do you remember what it smelled like in a highschool football team's locker room? Well, thats what Slugger smelled like.
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