Friday, September 01, 2006

almost here.

Well Brynna's b-day party is a little over 24 hours away and we're frantically trying to get everything finished for the big show. Remember a couple of months ago when Marcy gave me the edict that the bathroom must be done by the time of the party? I think I said no problem right? Well, as of this morning everything is done except for baseboards. I would have been done sooner but murphy raised his sweaty little head and f'ed up my miter saw so that I couldn't finish the other night as planned. Last night I was able to fix it (simple problem as it turns out) so hopefully, if everything goes well, the rest of the baseboard will go down and I'll be done. Yippee!

Monday, we had a band of traveling electricians at the house fixing some (duh) electrical problems which was nice since now I'm pretty certain the house won't burn down during the party. I consider that a bonus. Posted by Picasa

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