Thursday, September 07, 2006

first ball game

Sunday Marcy, Brynn, Kevin, Tina, Calia and I went to Boston to see the Redsox slide even further from playoff contention. It would be Calia and Brynna's first ball game and B's first trip into the big city.

B's first subway ride. She had a blast flirting with every dirty bastard on the tube.

Our view at the game. Between B's giant melon and the column, there wasn't much to see.

Unfortunately, since Brynna is so hyperactive, we weren't able to stay at the game beyond the 5th inning. If we had stayed much longer I suspect the rest of the section would have called the annoying people hotline anyway and had us kicked out.

It was sort of a nightmare but at least we can say we tried and now know better than to take her to anything that requires sitting quietly for more than 30 seconds.

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