Tuesday, September 12, 2006

DAMN update

Much has been happening in DAMNelsons land recently. Over the last few days, B-Girl has pushed two more teeth through bringing her total to 8. She is one big toothy grin these days. Sunday, while visiting Great Grammie and Grampa Parker B danced to Toby Keith. I’ve ordered an immediate paternity test because no child of mine would ever do such a thing. Grammie Parker also tried to put in some Celine Dion but thankfully I was able to nip that one in the bud quick because I’d rather carry Toby Keith’s love child than listen to Celine freakin Dion. If you need a reason to hate Canada, Celine Dion is it.

This weekend, Marcy and I went to a Seadogs playoff game with her parents while my mom watched B at our house. We had a great time. The game was good with the Dogs coming from behind to win with a walk-off home run in the tenth, Mimi-Jo got hammered and was a complete riot. To us at least, the poor suckers sitting around us might not feel the same. Back at home, B was working on her grandmother manipulation skills and managed to convince my mom that her bedtime was 10pm instead of the typical 7:30. Sneaky little sucker. The upside is that as a result, she slept later than usual which allowed me to sleep off some of the beers I had consumed the night before.

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