Monday, May 01, 2006


Phew, what a roller coaster week we’ve had. At the beginning of last week Brynna slept for 10 hrs straight for three consecutive nights. This was huge for us since she hasn’t slept that long for quite some time and never three nights in a row! Well, it turns out she was simply toying with our sleep deprived little minds because she promptly went from full night sleep to refusing to sleep at all and when she did it would only be in two hour blocks. Freaking-a it was like she was a newborn again. On one of the ill fated nights, we were letting her “cry it out” in her crib for a while and pretending to be asleep ourselves when she ramped it up a notch. Fearing that she may have somehow hurt herself by sticking a leg/arm out through the crib, Marcy went in to investigate. As soon as she opened the door she called for me to come and look. I walked in to find Brynna kneeling at the foot of the crib, upper body completely erect from the knees up clutching the bars of the crib screaming in baby language to get her the f’ out of there. If she had access to a tin cup, I’m sure she would have been clanging it back and forth on the bars. A few weeks ago she wasn’t nearly mobile enough to pull of such a feat so I can only imagine what we have in store for us when she starts crawling.

On the crawling front, B-girl has progressed to spending a considerable amount of time on all fours dry humping the air. This is a welcome change from her constantly dry humping mommy and daddy as she was doing before so we let it go. She hasn’t figured out the whole coordination thing between hands and feet yet but is making a bit of progress and has actually pulled one leg forward but more often she uses both legs at once. Of course, she’s lurching backwards. I can only imagine how infuriating it must be to see what you want, try to move in its direction only to have it get further away. No wonder she gets so pissed off.

Here is a vid of her spinning out while perfecting her lurch. Video link.

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Penny said...

Oh boy, won't be long now 'til she's everywhere in the house! Watch out, daddio!