Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Doggy want some water?

Brynna starting to crawl has been a source of constant amusement and fright for us. There is nothing cuter or more satisfying than to have someone work so hard and with such determination to get to where you are simply to be near you. There is also nothing scarier than leaving a room for mere seconds only to return and find that your newly mobile child has somehow teleported herself to the most dangerous item in the room because she somehow sensed that was the right place to be.

To add to our unease is the existence of one large, drooling, not quite smart as a bag of rocks dog named Chance. Although he has yet to completely plow the fruit of my LOINS! (I capitalize and exclamate because I do have quite impressive loins if I do say so myself) over, he has come perilously close on several occasions. Of course, even when Chance is being good and laying quietly at the side of the room, B-girl somehow finds a way to endanger herself in his presence.

Recently, during one of her rounds of peril and destruction, Brynna discovered Chance's water dish. Being the water baby that she is, she'll happily splash in and drank out of it (did I mention that we're bad parents?) until she either dumps it between her legs quickly turning her diaper into a large, super absorbent quicker picker upper, or until Chance comes by for a drink.

Here is a clip of how things progress from there. Link

Poor Chance doesn't know what to think. If he were capable of thought that is. Heaven forbid he get his feet wet, he only spends 99.9% of his time outdoors in and barking at the water in our yard.

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