Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Last week, Bett's Fish Fry opened for the season. For those of you who don't know, Bett's is a local fish stand that makes haddock sandwich's and fish and chips. Thats it. What she does serve is excellent though and a great value. You can get a half sandwich for $5 or $6, can't remember which. You might think that $6 for a half sandwich is kind of expensive but that is until you see the sucker. There is so much fish on that damn thing that most people don't even eat it like a typical sandwich but pick at it with a fork or better yet, pull half of the fish out to eat seperately. Regardless of how you eat it, you always end up writhing on the floor in pain afterwards because the things are so damn good you just can't stop eating, no matter how full you are. When I worked in Camden it was 45 miles to get to Bett's so the only time I had it was when Marcy was kind enough to stop and get some for me on her way home which meant I had it a few times a summer (not because Marcy is only kind three times a summer but because I always figured it was too much of a hassle for her, plus she's mean to me). Now that I work only about two miles away I see many painful days ahead. Add to this that my office does a take out lunch every Friday and our two choices are typically Bett's or pizza, I see my waistsize expanding quickly.

Here is a video of the after effects of THE FISH SANDWICH OF DOOM!

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