Friday, November 17, 2006

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse...

Marcy here. Rick has been dealing with deadlines and meetings most of the week so I thought I would post a quick photo blog of recent happenings in the Nelson household.

On Wednesday (the only semi-decent day this week!) B and I took a quick trip to Pemaquid Lighthouse. We were there earlier this fall but, of course, my camera batteries died. Brynna seemed to enjoy herself. She had a blast watching the birds and waves. Every time a wave would crash or a bird would fly by she would wave and say "bye bye". The cute purple hat was made by B-girl's Grammie Nelson. Not surprisingly B is quickly outgrowing it - hint hint Grammie! :)

Ooh! I think I see a spot on your lens!

Walking along the fence Brynna had to touch each board.

One of the rare occasions when B looks small.

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