Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Halloween Pics

Either the time change or teething has really been messing with B-girl's sleep schedule. After being up all night Monday night and refusing all naps at school on Tuesday Brynna was too exhausted and grumpy for trick-or-treating. Instead she asked for bed (saying "nigh nigh") at 6:15 Halloween night! So, we missed out on the trick-or treating thing but she did have lots of fun people watching at the party Saturday. Here are a few more pics of her from that party. We figure by next year she will be raring to go with the trick-or-treating/candy thing! By then she will probably be demanding to be Elmo or a Disney Princess as well.


Tina Browne said...

Great costume!

Marcy said...

Thanks! I was going to wear my oilskins from work and go as the fisherman(or woman).

Dena said...

Goldfish! wow what a perfect costume...Only a marine biologist mommy!