Thursday, November 30, 2006


It’s now official, I’m worth more dead to Marcy than alive.  My new life insurance policy is now in effect and Marcy stands to profit handsomely if I kick it between now and my 52nd  birthday.  I’m really should have thought this through a bit more though considering the number of times daily that I annoy Marcy and make her want to kill me.  I’ve always assumed that she was kidding when she would jokingly wrap her hands around my neck or threaten to stab me but I’m afraid that I’ve now given her the incentive to finally follow through.  Of course she’ll have to be more creative than that since I doubt the insurance company would buy her “he annoyed me to death” excuse.  I suspect she’ll find some way for my mountain bike to explode while in a remote locale.  I guess I’ll have to take an extra minute or two before each ride to be sure my wheels are on tight, my brakes work etc.  I’ve got my eye on you Marcy, you’d better walk the straight and narrow because remember, we’re getting a policy for you soon too…

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