Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In the lake

Marcy and I took Brynna to Marcy's mom's place on Sheepscot Pond this Sunday. It was so nice out that we decided to see how B-Girl reacted to having her feet put into the water. Here are the resulting pics.

The first tentative steps. Its kind of cold and the rocks feel funny.

Not so bad now.

Time to do some kicking.

At this point, Brynna was so excited and splashing so much that we had to start stripping her down. We eventually got her all of the way down to her diaper at which point Marcy decided to give up fighting the little nut case and let her go into the water, completely filling her diaper.

Afterwards, to celebrate her first swim, Brynna sampled some of Mimi-Jo's wine.

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