Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Caramel covered marcies

This past weekend, the DAMNelsons got together with the Brownes in Freeport for some grubbage and shopping.  We were looking forward to Brynna and Calia being able to crawl around together on the Gritty’s deck but the weather conspired against us so they had to make due with staring at each other from opposite sides of the table.  During the meal it became apparent that roles had changed between the two.  While both (from what I can remember at least) have been good eaters from the start, it was always Brynna who chowed the most but B-Girl has gone from eating just about anything to being picky as hell.  Its gotten to the point that we need to trick her into eating the first bite of just about everything, even her favorite foods.  Once the first bite is done we’re good to go but that first one can be a doozy.  Calia, on the other hand, was a ravenous hollow leg.  She ate everything put in front of her, including a pickle!  It looked like she was sucking on a giant tree slug.  Brynna just looked on in amazement as she shook her head no to everything.  How Calia can be so bean pole skinny is beyond me, that metabolism must be screaming.

We followed up lunch by boosting the American economy for a couple of hours in the mad house that is Freeport in the summer.  Busy as hell but manageable.  

Once we were good and tired, it was back home to continue the death march bathroom remodel.  Nine months and counting…  Being the master craftsman that I am I managed to take a large chunk of skin out of my finger while trying to use a coping saw.  Good move since I had a mountain bike race on Sunday and its always nice to have a nice open wound on your body when you’re going to spend 2 hrs playing in the mud.  It bled so much when I first cut it that I was forced to ask for Marcy’s help bandaging it up so that I wouldn’t get blood all over the bathroom.  Unfortunately, Marcy gets a bit woozy when it comes to blood and cuts, two days later and I still can’t show it to her without her getting faint.  This is a bit of the mystery that is Marcy.  She can dissect and boil a dead, rotten, bloated seal without any problems but when I get a fairly minor cut it gives her the “vapors”.  I love that word, it sounds so southern belle-ish.  Anyway, Marcy is a conundrum wrapped in a riddle drizzled with a caramel sauce.  Yummy.

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