Friday, June 30, 2006

A chip of the ole block

Wednesday night was Marcy and my 4 year anniversary so to celebrate we were going out to dinner at a restaurant in Brunswick called MJ’s (awesome food by the way but 100 clams for the two of us).  Grammie Nelson agreed to watch B-Girl for us while we were gone so we scheduled her getting there early enough that Brynna could get comfortable with her again before we left.  In typical fashion Brynna started out a bit shy and quiet with Grammie and hid in mommy’s chest.  Quickly though, she began to give my mom quick, coy smiles before quickly nuzzling back into mommy.  After about 15 minutes she began to come out of her shell and started to play and dance at her activity table and soon discovered she had a new fan for her to dazzle and amaze.  With every moment that passed Brynna ramped up her display to the point where we were a bit afraid that she would spontaneously combust.  As her final act before we left, she set up at the end of her chair, turned around and reached back to be sure Grammie was watching and then repeatedly and forcefully rammed her head and body into the chair.  Marcy and I have never been proud!

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Joe said...

Wow. You guys ate 100 clams?!? I can't stand clams.