Friday, July 08, 2005

When pets attack!

Animals are great. This morning as I was stepping over Chance to enter into the kitchen I accidently stepped on his tail. He of course yelped, growled and came around on me in suprise (he had no intention of biting me, he's just not a morning dog). As this was happening Grace came sprinting over doing her best imitation of one of the animals from Stephen King's "Pet Cemetary". I'm talking about a truly demonic growl/hiss. If lightning bolts flew out of her ears I wouldn't have been suprised. Chance being the highly tuned killing machine that he is merely looked at Grace with his most intelligent face (see photo below), tail wagging and proceeded to stick his nose in Grace's face. What fun. Marcy thinks that Grace was trying to protect me from him, I think that she just hates Chance.

"I'm a Rhodes Scholar"

On a high note, the girl at the French and Brawn counter called me "Sir" today. I think I feel a midlife crisis coming on...

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