Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yorks take 6 or something

After leaving the zoo portion of Yorks Wild Kingdom we decided to see if B would be interested in any rides. We expected her to look at the rides, give us the finger and storm off but to our suprise (and dismay) she wanted to ride just about every ride several times. The first ride was a kiddie airplane thing, a super safe looking ride from the cold war era with a high tech "chain across lap" safety system. It would take a team of experts, or a toddler, to figure a way out mid-ride and float gently to the soft pavement below. Marcy and I were concerned to say the least. We have expected her to scream and try to climb out as soon as it started. Thankfully, she loved it and it was smooth sailing with the rest of the rides from there.

manning the guns

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