Monday, July 14, 2008

Family fun day

Yesterday I was supposed to be in Orono for a bike race. That didn't go so well and I dnf'd early BUT that meant that I didn't need to finish the 2hr race plus wait around for another 2-3 hours for awards which left time open for a family mountain bike ride. We've been taking things slowly with B in her trailer but yesterday seemed like a good day to test her out a bit. We'd start on a dirt road and then try some tame trails. Turns out she loved it! She kept saying "go really, really, really, really, really..... fast!" Seriously, I lost count of the really's. If it wasn't for the pokey ass dog we would've really been tearing it up.

This is my fav attempt by Marcy.


nhgalvin said...

Marcy - Your footage is incredible - I give it 3 squirrels. That is a "menage-a-squirrel."

Don't ever give me crap about your wedding video again. :-) (this is jeffy)

rick is! said...

she can't chew gum and take a video at the same time either.

Marcy said...

In my defense I was on a rocky downhill! Rick didn't show the "good" video that I took. :)

Joe said...

Wow. That was like Blair Witch.