Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Land

Saturday we were blessed with sunny and clear skies for our, now annual, trip to Chipman's Pumpkin Land in the land of stolen ground water. B loved it last year so we were hopeful this year would be the same. Initially, when we got there and met the Brauns B was being a bit shy and unwilling to do anything but a giant pile of moldy hay seemed to do the trick and brought her out of her shell. After playing on it with Lilly for about 20 minutes there was no stopping her.

King of Aspergillus Mountain

Laugh it up now kid, tomorrow you'll be sporting red, puffy eyes. Whose laughing now?

One of Daddy's favorites of the day were these atv style big wheels. They were enough fun that I'm seriously thinking of looking into getting a fleet for the house. Can you imagine the damage the whole Nelson gang could do on these bad boys?

Giving Tim and Lilly a 'lil love tap to let them know we're there.

Making the pass. I swear I didn't mean to put them into the wall. :)

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