Monday, October 22, 2007


This past weekend we went with the Russillo's up to Bailey's Orchards up in beautiful, not at all whitetrashy, Whitefield. Its an idyllic farm setting and with the beautiful fall colors and the smell of apples in the air it was bound to be an enjoyable day. This would be the first real apple picking trip for both myself and Brynna.

My first apple.

Followed by Brynna's first apple.

Followed by daddy trying to get a pic of mommy's cleave. Wrong angle dang-it.

The day marked the first time B at an apple without it first being peeled.

The day also marked another day of B flirting with Michael. She digs the older men already and that day alone took several years from my life.

Chase me Michael, chase me!

As Joe and I discussed, once B turns 12, she'll never see this guy again. He totally has that "your daughter digs me" look on his face. Little player...

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