Saturday, October 20, 2007

First kiss

There are a few milestones in a daughter's life that the father just doesn't look forward to. The first kiss, the first date and the first time driving all immediately come to mind. Well, unfortunately, I can cross the first off the list already. B has a friend at school named Raphael who is 2 1/2 years old (6 months older than B) and Guatemalan. B and Raphael have a love/hate relationship going on, they play together every day and typically have a great time together but Raph does have a tendency to push Brynna on occasion. We know this because B is Marcy's daughter and is therfore unable to let something go and will, on an almost daily basis, say "Raphy push Binna!" even though the last confirmed instance of that happening was several months ago. Anyway, when Marcy and B were leaving daycare one day last week Raph wanted to give B a goodbye kiss. B dutifully lowered her head so Raph could kiss her on the forehead but Raph being Latin-American couldn't settle for that and quickly grabbed B on both sides of the head, pulled her in and kissed her square on the mouth. No word on whether he tried to use tongue or not.

To his defense, who wouldn't want to kiss this face?

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