Monday, June 04, 2007

We're back!

We have made it back from North Carolina. After an overnight in Asheville (see previous post) we spent 5 days at a cabin in Brevard hiking and biking in Pisgah National Forest and Dupont State Forest. We are eager to return to work for some much needed rest. B-girl was amazing. Things couldn’t have gone any better with a 1 ½ year old. She slept 8 hours straight on the ride down, had a brief pit stop and then slept another 3 hours before breakfast. She was a happy kid and took everything in stride – including missed naps and being dragged up mountains. We of course don’t ever want to hear Baby Einstein’s Playtime Music Box cd again. Our little B-monster hoots and hollers whenever Old MacDonald is played.

As usually happens when we are away, Brynnie reached a couple of milestones on our trip. On May 29 she successfully pooped on the potty. I’ve been waiting a long time for this accomplishment. Unfortunately, I was riding at Dupont State Forest when it happened. Marcy said she tried to get the photo I desperately wanted but the munchkin was too interested in wiping and flushing. I suggested we take a picture of one of my own dooks and try to pass it off as sweet little Brynna’s! Marcy shot down that idea of course (she has a way of killing my dreams!).

The second milestone happened Sunday on the way home. For a while now B has been requesting that we sing “ABCs” with her – she fills in letters. On the way home – somewhere in Virginia (I think we were in Virginia for like 6 hours!) – she sang the entire alphabet start to finish including the “now I know my ABCs part”. This was in between pointing out all of the cows and “horsies” and balloons (actually watertowers).

much more to come.

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