Monday, June 04, 2007

Road trip!

Sunday afternoon, the DamFam hopped in the car and headed to more humid pastures. Asheville N.C. to be exact.

View from the backseat.

Twenty three hours later (we had to make several extended toddler layovers) we rolled into picturesque Asheville ready for a serious shower and a nap. Unfortunately, there was no time for a nap before dinner but we were able to grab a quick shower before heading out. Of course, if we had known about the major dirty hippie population of the town we could have skipped the shower, got the nap instead and noone would have been the wiser. Our stench would have fit right in.

We ended up having kick ass pizza and beer at Mellow Mushroom (thanks for the tip Leslie!). We followed that up with a stroll around town marvelling at the amount of dreds in town and then headed back to the lovely Bates Motel, I mean, Days Inn to call it a night. Overnight, Marcy booted all of her Mellow Mushroom. She says she's sick, I think she's just making sure she can fit in her bathing suit! Women.

Today we check into our cabin where we'll be for the rest of the week and from there, who knows, maybe a ride, maybe a hike, maybe we'll have too many beers and pass out. The options are limitless when you have no plans.

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