Friday, June 08, 2007

sliding rock

While in North Carolina, the DamFam with GraNelson's in tow visited a place called Sliding Rock. Esentially a waterfall over a smooth ledge outcropping with a nice 8' deep pool at the end-perfect for summer fun. After a very reasonable $1 entry fee we suited up and headed down for some slip-slidin fun. Being in the south we hoped the water would be somewhat warm but of course we were in the mountains of the south at about 3000' so it was anything but. It was cold enough that my feet started to go numb after a minute or so in.

"Good god thats cold, if I had boys they'd be in my stomach right now!"

Being the adventurous bunch we are, we didn't let the cold stop us. Me being the manly type who never, ever waxes his legs volunteered to be the guinee pig and went first. Turns out it was cold but only til you went in over your head then it wasn't so bad because you're brain went numb.

Eventually, all of the adults took their turns in the "refreshing" water.

Brynna had a blast simply watching everyone sliding down the rocks and laughed maniacally when mommy and daddy went.

Eventually, she did her own version on a much smalled rock in water just as cold.

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