Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Chinese proverb say "Poop on side hill, have stinky heel."

Somebody should tell Chance this. On our daily morning run I dutifully bring along a plastic bag to dispose of his "matter" if needed. Not a normal sized sandwich bag like most dog owners get to use, mind you. We actually need to use the plastic bags you get at the grocery store and quite honestly, sometimes those don't even seem adequate. There is nothing like finishing up a nice morning run with a big bag of steaming dog love swinging from your wrist. Not good for picking up chicks either for that matter, thankfully I'm already married.

Anyway, I got off track, usually Chance is kind enough to poop in the ditch so that I'm not required to feel the hot stink through the plastic bag while scooping it up. Unfortunately, he has yet to learn that if you poop on a side hill, you must face either up hill or down hill or else risk having the dook roll down the hill and hit your foot at a most inconvenient time.

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