Monday, March 12, 2007

Built to travel

Last weekend (not this past weekend but LAST weekend-I get into the argument with Marcy all of the time) while Marcy and I were at Saddleback, Brynna stayed with her Mimi Jo and Papa Don and had a blast. When we came back Sunday afternoon, there was an empty suitcase sitting on the bedroom floor. Brynna was immediately enamered with it and demanded, by way of pointing and saying "dat" over and over again, that we take it to the living room. When we did, she quickly set up shop with herself, baby, baby's blanket and bouncy seat and stayed there more or less for the rest of the afternoon and many hours for days after that. We have since had to dispose of the suitcase because of some behavioural issues but I'm sure it'll make an appearance in the near future when Marcy and I need some -ahem- private time.

So excited to get in the suitcase, she couldn't wait to get dressed after her bath. Thankfully no accidents.

Fishy lips

Fishy lips 2, Diva style.

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