Thursday, February 22, 2007

Play date

On Monday, while Tina was at work, Kevin brought Calia up so that the girls could get together. B was a bit shy and fussy while Calia was there (we later found out she had a raging ear infection and just wasn't showing the signs yet) but the girls did have a good time together and only once did tempers flare. I had put apples and animal crackers out for the girls to snack on and since animal crackers are the closest thing to red meat that Brynna eats, she quickly grabbed them all, clutching them in both hands and between her arms and chest and refused to let Calia have any. The girl has such a grip that I even had a hard time prying a few away for Calia. Who says toddlers don't share well?

Playing with the ball machine together. They worked together to gather the balls before firing it up each time.

Meeting of the minds.

Snack time - pre animal crackers.

Calia taking interest in B's talking broom. Funny, before Monday, Brynna didn't pay much attention to it but after Calia played with it, B has had it out daily since.


Tina Browne said...

Great pictures. Calia looks like a little rag-a-muffin, guess that's what happens when Daddy's in charge (sorry, Kev)

Marcy said...

Nah, she looked cute. Both girls had the wild hair going - gotta love winter hats! :)