Saturday, February 03, 2007

National Toboggan Championships

Every year, the Camden Snow Bowl holds the National Toboggan Championships. How is it that they have the national championships you ask? Simple, they were the first to name it that. Clever bastards those Camden folk. Anyway, for one weekend each winter people get liquored up, stuff themselves onto a wooden toboggan and plummet down a wooded, ice filled chute onto the pond below where they almost always flip and cartwheel before coming to rest. Sometimes taking out a druken spectator or two in the process. This year in the two hours that Marcy and I were there, we witnessed two such events. Survival of the fittest if you ask me. If you're dumb enough to get in the way of a 500lb wooden rocket traveling at 30 mph, you deserve to be taken out at the knees.

Anyway, my buddy JMA Joe was "competing" again this year on a four man team. Unfortunately, B got cold before Joe did his first run but I'm sure it was 10 seconds of spectating delight. It seemed to me though that it was the other festivities that drew the most people. Based on the shanty town that had sprouted up on the ice, many people were there mostly for the drinking and the racing was simply a momentary diversion.

Here be the pics.

Stupid blogger dumped most of our pics from the event but here are some that survived.

Shanty town.

B, JMA Joe and myself. Apparently I've been working out because my jaw is jacked.The finish chute on the pond.

The naked dancing beauties.

A cracked open skull.



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Joe said...

It was actually 8.56 seconds of delight.